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Sr UX Designer | UX Team Lead and WordPress Meetup Speaker | Sound Technician | Podcast Creator | Content producer | I own a recording & mixing studio | I play guitar and sing | More than 25 years of creative experience

High Complexity Design Case Study

Clinical Trial, Protocol Design

The goal of Health Industry Protocol Design applications is to establish a standardized framework, ensuring efficient communication, data exchange, and adherence to protocols in the healthcare sector.


SR. Ux Designer, UX Team Lead

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Case Study


App for live translating services. This app provides a premium cloud-based platform for video remote interpreting of conferences, workshops and similar events.


Ux Designer

Case Study


Redesign an app for precision agriculture company, providing advanced technology products for agribusinesses, professional farmers and agricultural contractors.


Ux Designer

Website Design

An assortment of web design project screenshots, spanning from many years ago to recent times, illustrates the evolution and adaptability of design practices over the years

Printed Design

Featured are designs spanning magazine covers, business cards, and T-shirts, each uniquely showcasing the versatility and creativity of the design process across diverse mediums.

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