Web Design

Case Study
Morfosis – Online Store


Morfosis Jeans, a clothing company from Buenos Aires


UX Designer and WordPress Developer


Information Architecture
User flow
Visual Design Direction
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
WordPress Development and Testing.


The website was outdated, the technology used at that moment was HTML with FLASH. The client wanted to have a new website, with similar arquitecture of information but with an e-commerce section.

Creative Process

The Project

Final users were unable to navigate the website since the main menu was coded on Flash, and no actual browser was able to show it, also the client needed to have a website that was mobile ready.

The Goals

The client wanted to update their website, as it had a very old technology, and it was defenseless in the event of any hacking attempt. Also, he wanted to add a fully functional e-commerce section.

The Target Audience

This client had 2 groups of users, the end user for their business were mostly women from 20 to 40 and the other group was resellers of their product that were around 25 to 50, Both men and women, who are in charge of the store department.

Research Findings

No navigation menu bar.
Poorly formatted text
Poorly Information Architecture
Confusing layout
Needed Adobe Flash in several places of the website


Information Architecture

Research shows us in the direction of playing the catalog in one menu item, and some helpful links in the rest of the menu to help resellers to find information..


We presented stackholders with some sketches with the final architecture, and they agreed on the layout.

Visual Design

After the stackholders agreed on the layout I designed the final UI in Sketch, and develop the website in WordPress.

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