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Bittor Ariel


Bittor Ariel, Mechanic Store


UX Designer and WordPress Developer


Information Architecture
Visual Design Direction
User Experience Design
WordPress Development and Testing.


Bittor Ariel Outdated Website, the client wanted me to update the look and feel to reflect their new business location.

Creative Process

The Project

This client wanted to start a new WordPress Website, so we had some information from the old website, but it needed to look better to the client, so I had to rebuild the navigation, not just the menu, but the complete website had to look more transparent or friendlier to the end user.

The Goals

Get the end user to navigate the website and make contact with them.

The Target Audience

Mostly men, from 25 to 55 were targeted as main users, but there was an increasing use from women within the same age range. That give us a lot of information about the content to place

Research Findings

The Navigation had inconsistencies
The hero image also had different places depending on the page of the website.
Text paragraphs were poorly formatted.
Scripts were placed on the wrong part of the layout.


Information Architecture

The idea was to present the clearest navigation menu, no sub menus, no any other item on it. Just simple.


Visual sketches of the proposal. With the information architecture in place.

Final Visual Design

Every image is one menú item.

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